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October 2007

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The tale of Lord Tavish, part one - the beginning

The tale of Lord Tavish, part one - the beginning
This is the tale of Lord Tavish, as told by his longtime partner, Azeroth.
Once I was a bard of no great skill, fallen on hard times.
I was traveling through some small fishing villages off the Cold Coast, looking for taverns to tell my tales in. I wasn't having much luck, as the locals seemed a good, clean people who didn't drink much. I came into a place where a small town lay nestled between two great rocky outcroppings that appeared to have once been a single gigantic mountain. I was sure to find a tavern here. The whole town looked grey, all of the roofs were covered with a drab colored slate. I noticed the walls of just about every building were made with tightly fitted rough stone. The overall effect was quite depressing.
I wandered for a time, making my way toward the docks when I realized what had started bothering me ever since I first spotted this town. There was absolutely no sound coming from anywhere. Once I realized this, I started to try the doors on each building as I passed. They were all so tightly locked that the doors wouldn't even rattle when pushed on. All of the windows were shuttered. I tried knocking a few times on the doors, but there was no answer. 'Cursed' I thought. Me, not the town. I am never going to find food here.
Just then I heard a faint clink. I froze, and listened carefully. There it was again, another faint clink. Something far off. I slowly started to follow the sounds. As I drew closer, I began to recognize the sounds. It was the sound of a smithy beating an anvil. This, I thought, was going to be my meal ticket. I had never run into a smithy who wasn't so deaf that my songs didn't sound good.
Rounding the corner, I came into a large square. The shops all around were closed up like everything else with the exception of the smithy. There was a glow from the door, the first sign of color I had seen in hours. I crept up to the open doorway and peeked around the corner. Working in the corner was a young man with short blond hair and pale blue eyes. He must have seen something of my motion, because as soon as I showed myself in the doorway, he set down the hammer and turned to face me.
(more later)